Enormous universe, millions of stars, pretty big world our time minuscule yet as we are concerned its our own short life filled with precious moments that counts.

It’s not about the end result. It is the process, the “flow” or as it has been put before The Journey. The process to which we are getting there whereever there is and represents, it is what fulfills us and gives us the true sense of being happy. Yet this is not how we see it, understand it nor experience it. The flow which is the name I have given to our everyday living, we may also call it the process or road or journey, whatever you call it, it IS our life.
Happiness is what we all strive for yes?
It is in many different forms for each of us but we can all agree, we all simply want to be happy. Importance should be given to the flow rather than to the end. The “end” of reaching happiness which is an illusion, as it does not residing at the “end” of the road, “end” of a rainbow or “end” of a goal reached.
What is happiness? Attaining what you want, yes? Agreed. But first ask yourself, can happiness be attained through material items or intrinsic emotions? It’s easy to blurt out a list of items we could have that would make us happy or happier than we are right now.
“A great big house. ” “A certain brand of car.” “Greater wealth.” “Luxury vacations.” “Great big diamond ring.” “Clothing and shoes.” “Beautiful new furniture.”
OK, so now you have all those things. Was it through hard work? I am sure. Were sacrifices made? Certanly. Time being one of the biggest and most important. All it took to attain all these things, have you reached your road, your end to happiness and now live blissfully in it? My guess would be, no. Why? Several reasons; for one, once something is attained there is always more you will desire, therefore there is no end and no happiness. Material things come and go and so does your happiness, a rollercoster of happy, not happy. Yet the most important one of all is, happiness does not lie in the end of something reached, may it be material or not.
It is not what we actually strive for and finally attain will make us happy. In actually, it is the process of it. Do we find joy in what you do in daily life, even on a rainy Monday? Do we take pleasure in the job and not because of the pay involved but a “job well done”? Do we share a deep meaningful relationship? Do we respect time and how we spend it? Do we take note of small things that make us smile? This is what we all strive for. Our daily, hourly, minute to minute contentment.
To begine a state of being happy at present tense and thus the real meaning of happiness.