So It Is

The story is over and so the lover has departed
Fast did he run ever cold hearted
It’s hard to find my breath, somehow that too he took
Along with his arms, my comfortable nook

What replaces hope once its gone?
Those dreams I had are piercing at every memory. Desire no more, be done.

Along come the waves thrusting into me as I fall into nothingness. The screams I whimper in need of every bit of his entity.

Trying to find faith in little corners of what’s left of this heart.
Please show me a sign where do I start.
I can’t find my footing, turning in circles, toppling over flashbacks.

I stumble along every attempt in finding some strength
How I cringe as I see the healing road and its length.

With every heartbeat, each inhale, and any blink of my eyes I’m reminded your not here.
Flowing down my cheek is tear after tear.

That’s all I have left, choices are no more, acceptance settled in this
empty nest built of dried up possibilities.