The Ways of Love

There’s many kinds of love, countless forms and shapes it takes. There’s love of a beautiful day, rays shining down nurturing to life a snow pea in spring time.The love of a dog shown with a wag of a tail or a wet slobber kiss to your toes.The love of a page turner from cover to cover as you sit and ponder the journey it took you on. Desiring the melting three layer chocolate cake; you take first bite. Incredible. Ahh what love.

The warmth of a cheek that nuzzles up next to you in the midst of a stormy night.A love a stream shows as it flows day after day carving bottom bedrocks, eons of devotion.The rise of a rose garden blooms in exquisite beauty. It entrusts the gardner not one rose will be cut to meet its end in a crystal vase.The passionate lovers who walk opposite ways never to lay sight on one another again.

One will forget,the other will always be defined by this love. There’s a love that’s quite abiding, changing everything connecting two no matter how far in space and time both have departed. This love is truer than the shadow by your side, it finds itself between each breath you take. The heart sits on a pedestal built on pillars of sand. As the sand is blown by the masked winds of life, the heart still stands as love holds on, enduring all.