The Canary

Words were spoken, such sounds only a timeless melody knew nothing of…

There was a canary who said I love you. Shortly after it had died as its love departed. It found itself in an open endless space, dark gray skies, everything lost hue. Dry as the arid desert no life to be seen in sight. It perched on the one tree left standing long dead itself. Alone, the canary longed for anything it could find familiar to any of it’s senses.

Its love returned. Words were spoken once more…a trickle of light from the dark skies and then all at once life was all around, smells of honey, sounds of laughter, colors drew back to its sight; love returned.

Your words echoed to me, words from not so long ago. You see, they meant everything to me, they changed the course of things to come. These things are powerful, more than one realizes, these words of ours. You spoke these words that allowed forgiveness to come through the door of my heart, which opened the door of this caged canary named love. Love was let out once again from where I swore it wold never escape and would have died over the course of eons.

Skipping along so gallantly, straight into your arms this canary did fly. Sounds were heard inbetween the music, the chatter, sunsets and sunrises. Goodbye was heard, eyes could not lay sight on you. Why did you speak more words? Why did you say words of hello when you could only give me more goodbyes?

The canary soon awoke opening it’s eyes too the stark emptiness, still perched on its long dead branch. “I’ll fly home now, I don’t know where home is. I don’t know what direction to head. To fly is all I know, to sit by this dead tree is to soon be like it. To fly is all I know. I will fly now.”

…the melody plays on and as only melodies know, words are never heard by ear only by heart.