Quicksand of Memories

You sit in stare, not knowing how long you’ve been there. Something takes your breath away, you gasp for air. Inhaling deeply in hopes it has not departed for good. When you realize memories are playing inside you, vivid as on the big screen. They play like the box office hit. They are the thieves that captured your breath, rushing further and further away, dragging it into the depths of a dark unfarmilier place. You follow. You run faster but like in a dream you float, slowly making way but no progress. Helpless, you see it clear, it’s slowly fading into the shadows..smaller..fainter…it is gone. There’s a heaviness, everything feels so heavy, slowing down, all movement stops. Unable to motion, sinking in the quicksand of memories, you give in and you give up. Surrender to fate, accepting the end, for just one moment letting joy overtake you in that his love had touched you but only for a moment in time. To your surprise, you awaken, awaken from this daydream, which you have come to find peace in, come to realize it was once again a trip down this road of broken memories…what a trip…what a trip…what a fall it has been.