A Summer Night

Sitting here on a lovely late summer Sarurday night, having a cup of coffee that I know will keep me up all night. It’s nice sitting here watching the slow night unraveling, somewhat less busy than so many other nights people out and about their plans somewhere else leaving this little town so nicely empty, just right for a night like this down memory lane with a coffee in my hand and too many thoughts to try to understand. The street lights somehow have a shine to them, you can not quit look at them directly so you look at the trees or the sidewalk only to have the glare of the light more prevalent making it so much more magical simply sitting here tonight.

A sad night I think as not even the dog wants his cookie and here I am wondering where mine is. Lately it’s been that way with a lot of things, a lot of time, left just wondering. I suppose that’s what we are in for, that’s just the whole spirel of life, you just never know much about anything or anyone. Meantime you just lay back sip your coffee try not to burn yourself and tonight try to sleep a restful night.