Pearly Whites

Today I learned something very important that is not much of a secret but still very hard to remember in hard times. Smiling!!!!!!

After crying many times for very good reasons I have you know and no reasons at all, yet still ok, I then laughed. I just laughed, then I laughed at myself. And so I knew, I’d be ok.

I guess I do feel that somehow I do know this secret, I’d like to share it with all, especially the ones I love, wish I could. I know that a smile I can share, show you…. go on take a picture. I can even force a fake smile for you but you must understand; happiness, I can’t give you or tell you about.

I could try to bring about all the sunshine in the world to your doorstep, even make fireflies dance a magical waltz, perhaps then you’ll smile genuine.

Yet the seed of happiness is inside you, only you can nourish, nurture it and feel it, have it grow…even in the hardest of times. You might just smile now, with each smile I see it blooming…I think you’ll get there.