I’m scared to go to bed

I might not be able to fall asleep
If I do, I might dream of you
Dreams of happiness, of what could have been, of what was
Or worse, happy dreams that turn to nightmares
Where I will loose you all over again
And again
And again
Like a spiraling staircase
When will it end?
When will you be mine?
Dreams are suppose to be safe
A haven where you can run to
And once again smile
Once upon a time my reality was the stuff that dreams are made of
Never wanting to fall asleep as no dream could ever compare to the beauty of my life
I will give in
I will turn in tonight
I will silently fall asleep in tears
Pray for dreams where you will love me once again
Where your lips will touch mine softly as they always did
When each others eyes were the only sight we needed
Ohh what dreams are made of…
I’ll run to bed now for the hopes of dreams is all I have left
Goodnight sweet love. Kiss.

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