Manifest of Love

I’m a woman in love…never believed in soul-mates…perhaps I do now.

What does one do as with each passing day the love inside grows deeper and stronger?…it’s internal bliss, a supernova if you will of love that you share with one person in the present time day by day.

But what if there’s no lover to love?

They simply floated away into nothingness as a happy little cloud. What do you do with the yearning, the burning of the passionate flames, the desire to engulf the one with all your love?

I will love you from afar. I will wish you well with each star I look upon. I will think of you with each breath I exhale. Laying down, I’ll close my eyes in hopes to somehow manifest you, perhaps in a moments miracle to feel you gently on my fingertips.

And the nights when you’re all I desire, I will bury my tears in my pillow until sleep besots me. As the rising sun brings about morning, I will wear my smile in this world perfectly as Cinderella’s glass slipper.

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